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Bill Massey

I perform independent, unbiased RV inspections, mobile RV maintenance and mobile RV appliance repair throughout Southern California. For more information, please give me a call at (714) 222-7709 from 9am to 5pm Pacific Time, or email me any time at

My inspection reports are usually 60 pages and full of details about the coach you are wanting to buy and over 40 full colors photos of all the good and bad. You will know everything about the coach, from what types of appliances there are and all the model numbers and serials numbers.

We also offer a “Blood Test” for Your RV We call it “healthcare for RVs”.  Why? Because it’s really very similar to getting an annual checkup or having your blood drawn by your healthcare provider.

Fluid analysis can alert you to early signs of excessive wear, it can find such things as fuel or coolant leaking internally into your oil systems or it can find signs of oil leaking into
your coolants. If anything serious is going on inside the engine, transmission, generator and/or cooling system, the best way to determine it is through scientific fluid analysis.

Check my certification status here: NRVIA


Don't just accept when a seller says to you "It's in great shape" or "I only used it once a year". They may think that way but that it's not what I usually find when I get out there to do the inspection. I have been trained to spot the telltale signs of prior damage or water intrusion.   Let me be your expert! I can end up saving you thousands of dollars on a lemon or even help you negotiate a lower price.

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